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Black widow funko pop vinyl

Avengers 2 Black Widow POP Vinyl Revealed!

Following up on the recently released Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Funko pop vinyls which featured a whole new set of highly detailed Marvel pops which can be seen here. However the Black Widow was the missing link to make the new series complete. received many emails from disappointed fans questioning why Black Widow wasn’t apart of the […]

creature from the black lagoon glow in the dark

Gemini Exclusive Glow in the Dark Creature POP

Last time Gemini Collectibles released a metallic Creature of the black lagoon pop, now if you thought that wasn’t enough, Gemini are releasing another exclusive variant which glows in the dark and features slime on the window side of the box. If you are a Monsters fan you probably want to pick this little guy up fast […]

Unmasked spiderman

POP! Profile – Spider Man

Real Name: Peter Parker. Nicknames: Spidey, Web head, Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man. First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962.   Origin: Like many of our favourite heroes, Spidey has a tragic origin. With the supposed death of Mr and Mrs Parker, Peter moved in to his loving Aunt May and Uncle Ben’s house at a very early […]