Arkham Asylum Joker Funko pop vinyl Hot Topic Exclusive

Arkham Asylum Joker Funko POP Vinyl Exclusive

Introducing the Arkham Asylum Joker Funko POP! If you loved the DC Comics Arkham Asylum series well this one is for you! Hot Topic are known for their POP Vinyl exclusives, however nothing has come close the excitement of the new Arkham Asylum Funko POP Series which has swept the Funko community by storm. Previously we […]


POP! Profiles – Stan Lee, Harley Quinn and Maleficent

POP! Behind the scenes of Funko #1  – Stan Lee, Harley Quinn and Maleficent Welcome to our first ever General Pop! Column. Every week you can find out background information about your favourite Funko pieces! This article was the sample piece that we sent to get the writer’s position and is based on a few of our […]

Jax Teller Funko pop vinyl exclusive 2014

Sons of Anarchy Jax Teller Exclusive POP Vinyl

Sons of Anarchy Jax Convention Exclusive POP Vinyl 2014 Jax Teller The president of SAMCRO Jax Teller, and his gang are known to be the trouble makers of the small and quiet Town of Charming where brushes of family deceit, drugs, prostitution and the running of guns rocks the gangs core. FX have just released […]