Supernatural castle funko pop vinyl

Supernatural Winged Castiel POP Vinyl Released

Funko POP Vinyls shaking it up down under The Australian retail store Popcultcha have just announced the pre-order of the regular Castiel pop vinyl along with the winged Castiel POP which was originally announced to be a Hot Topic Exclusive pop vinyl, covered in one of our earlier posts. It seems as though Popcultcha have beat Hot Topic to […]

Firefly Funko pop vinyl figures

Funko POP! Resurrects Firefly

The new FireFly Funko POP Vinyls The widely popular, but short lived, sci-fi drama Firefly is coming in pop vinyl form to consumers. These Firefly POP! vinyl figures are expected to be shipped out in October, but are available for pre-order now! First within this series of the Firefly Funko POP! vinyl figures is Malcolm […]

Wonder Woman Funko Plush.

POP! Profile – Wonder Woman

Funko POP Profile’s introduce Wonder Woman First appearing in All Star Comics #8 (1941) Wonder Woman has become a fan favourite, staring in her own comic series, the Justice League, many video games such as Injustice and appearing in her own TV show. Wonder Woman is also scheduled to be in the new Batman vs […]