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POP! Profile – Spider Man

  Real Name: Peter Parker. Nicknames: Spidey, Web head, Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man. First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962.  Origin: Like many of our favourite heroes, Spidey has a tragic origin. With the supposed death of Mr and Mrs Parker, Peter moved in …

POP! Profile – Big Hero 6, Baymax

Baymax is most commonly known as the big, huggable, inflatable personal health carer from the recent Disney film, Big Hero 6. However, Baymax first appeared in Marvel Comics in a completely different form. In this POP! Profile we are going to explore …

POP! Profile – Universal Monsters

Halloween has been and gone but the spirit is still with us and so we invite you to do the ‘monster mash’ with these eight creepy Universal legends that feature in the POP! Movies series (figures 111-118). Dracula There are many versions …

POP! Profiles – The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a TV show based around four geeky guys who love going to the comic shop and work in the same university, studying stars, physics, engineering and other sciency stuff! The guys are joined by Penny and two …
The Book of life pop profile

POP! Profile – The Book of Life

The Book of Life POP! Profile On Thursday 30th October we went and saw the Book of Life at an Imax cinema. We loved the movie so much that it inspired this week’s POP! Profile. Every November the Day of the Dead is …

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