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Suicide Squad POP Vinyl Exclusives

Is the world desperate or the justice just have its bad side? One of the most surprising movie of the year is the Suicide Squad of the DC Extended Universe. This is the movie wherein the most dangerous of all the super …

Wartch Out – New Mega Man Pop Vinyls

Millennials woke up in a generation with virtual gaming. But the generation before it grew up playing digital 2D video games and Mega Man is one of those childhood memories. Let’s have a bit of throwback as we bring to you these …

Star Trek Beyond POP Vinyl

The 13th film of the movie franchise—Star Trek, is about to hit the big screen this July and as an early gift for the huge number of fans, we brought to you this series collection of Star Trek Beyond POP figures. Consisting …

Arrow Pop! Vinyl Figures

It feels so good seeing your favorite comic characters in live action. This is what DC Comics are doing as they bring new episodes of their TV series. And one of this comics-to-live-action series is the Arrow. The television series was focused …

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