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A Bugs Life Funko’s Pop figures Incoming

Remember a Bugs Life, the 1998 animated movie from Pixar? Well, we consider this as one of the best animated productions released by Disney and Pixars since the team decided to show the ants and other insects in a more appealing manner. …

Classic Batman POP figures by Funko

Though the years, Batman never failed to impress and entertain. The character first appeared in a 1939 comics, and it never looked back. Today, Batman is one of the most popular super-hero characters around, and his heroics have spun a number of …

Disney’s Moana Funko figures Announced

Movies and animations that incorporates and the preservation of the natural environment, including the blue sea waters and oceans have a special place in our heart. There’s just something about the greenery and the bluish waters that help promote warmth, joy and …

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