The Top 3 Series We NEED POPs For

The Top 3

 the top 3 funko pop vinyl requests

If there’s anything I’ve learned as a citizen of the internet, people absolutely love lists. So I’m here to give the people what they want: here’s the Top 3 Series We NEED POPs for. Funko, help us!

3. Futurama


One of the best series that Fox ever inexplicably cancelled had to be Futurama.


Not that Fox has a history of doing that or anything

The show stars the crew of Planet Express, an interstellar delivery service team. Each episode follows a particular escapade of the group. It’s hilarious, and survived (much like Family Guy) off of strong fan support and DVD sales. Eventually, after a string of successful movies, Comedy Central brought the show back for a few more seasons before finally concluding.

All of the zany, funny characters portrayed in the show would make some great, colorful POPs. While the show has had some Wacky Wobblers, I’m still waiting for my cute, beady-eyed POP variants.

Fry, the main protagonist who wakes up after being cryogenically frozen for a thousand years, is the most obvious first choice. Though I doubt they can replicate his signature slouch in a figure that small, the red jacket, white T-shirt and jeans have become so iconic, any fan would instantly recognize him as their beloved dumb, lazy and unaware delivery boy.


Fry and Bender, buds for life

Next would be Bender, Fry’s beer-drinking-wise-cracking partner. His shiny metal a** would make for a great POP, and an even better metallic variant!

You may have seen this picture floating around the internet.



This is Zoidberg, Planet Express’s ‘doctor’, who does just about everything other than offer proper medical advice. His iconic mannerisms, pension for eating trash and constant role as the group’s punching bag has made him a fan favorite.

There are many, many more characters, like the ship’s captain Leila, the Professor “Farnsworth”, Scruffy the Janitor, Hermes and Amy, who would all make great POPs!

Also, can anyone say POP Rides??


The Planet Express ship that the crew uses for their ‘deliveries’

2. Portal


Speaking of memes, you probably can’t spend one day on the net without seeing a reference to this iconic line:

 Screen shot 2014-09-27 at 4.40.20 PM


As beaten to death as that particular quote has gotten, the two game series Portal has held up remarkably well as one of the finest dilogies ever created in gaming (especially given the first iteration was made 7 years ago!).

Portal 1 (usually just simply called “Portal”) follows the misadventures of Chell, a test subject in the mysterious Aperture Science training facility. Equipped with only a portal gun, which makes portals from one end to the other which Chell can cross through, and guided only by the AI GLaDOS and her constant use of dry, dark humour, you must traverse your way through the various puzzles the game throws at you. Over time, they get progressively harder, with the promise of “cake” meant to continue motivating you past the deadly turret guns, toxic matter, flailing spheres of energy and giant crushing devices. Eventually you make it to the end and get your chance to finally square off against GLaDOS, who has tricked and led you along the whole way. And also tried to kill you.


I don’t know, that might bother me.

Portal 2 follows the events of the first game after the laboratory has been destroyed, and sees you delving even further into the depths of the testing facility to uncover the deep, dark secrets beneath the rubble. With shiny new guns, unique new objects to play with and 2 new characters to play as in an expanded Co-Op mode, it may be one of the few times that a sequel beats the original across the board.

Chell would make an adorable little POP holding her signature Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.


GLaDOS may be a bit harder to make, as there are several versions of her and she is suspended from the ceiling. Her streamlined Portal 2 version and menacing Portal 1 look would both look great if made with a clear base to give the appearance of being attached to wiring.


The 2 new Co-Op characters, who each get one end of two portals and who must use the 2 guns together to get through the various puzzles, would both look great as a pair, perhaps in a double box set?


Be sure to give the game a try on Steam if you haven’t yet, where it’s either cheap or free. You can also pick it up as part of the Orange Box, along with several other Valve games like Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2 (and its extended episodes).

1. Death Note


I plan to cover the various anime series that Funko should make in future articles, but it seems like the best way to start would be with one of the most popular and widely recognized anime/manga by western audiences.


No, not him, though I’m even more surprised they didn’t start anime POPs with Naruto

While we have gotten some Japanese fandom-based POP Vinyls, like the recent Vocaloid series, Funko should dream up some Death Note POPs. For those of you less attuned to foreign series, Death Note is an anime about a high school age boy named Light who stumbles upon a mysterious notebook. Inscribed with strange writing that claims any person whose name is written in the book will die, Light first writes it off as a dumb prank. But that quickly changes when he sees the book work as stated, and Light quickly decides he will use the book to cleanse the world of all people he deems unworthy, in order to create a utopian world of his design that he plans to rule over as “god of the new world”.


Just a little pretentious, don’t you think? This is Light with his signature Death Note

It is the first anime series I ever watched, and got me quickly hooked on the medium. Asking most anime fans what to watch first if you’ve never tried anime before, many will tell you Death Note. Across Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, you will find the show plastered all over the web. Given both the quality and popularity of the show, it’d make a great POP set! It could also serve as a great way to introduce a wider audience to anime, promoting the popularity of potential future anime POP lines. The characters have a very unique look as well, with obvious accessories like the Death Note serving as possible customizations.


Light Yagami and L. L becomes Light’s nemesis, who tries to thwart him at every step in his ultimate goal of cleansing the world. He refuses to believe in Light’s view of a ‘perfect world’

In his journeys, Light has a run in with a “Shinigami” (quite literally, “Death God”) named Ryuk, who is the previous owner of the Death Note. He dropped the book to the human world in the hopes that someone would stumble upon it and provide some entertainment to his boring existence.


Funny how the craziest things always seems to happen in Japan. Also, you can’t tell me he wouldn’t make an AWESOME POP!

In all, getting Vocaloid and the Black Butler series as POPs is (hopefully) a sign of things to come from Funko as far as getting more anime POPs, and Death Note would be a great place to start.


Black Butler POP Vinyls (I’ll admit it…I still haven’t watched it)

What comic/book/movie/video game/ TV series are you waiting for Funko to give the POP treatment to?

Let us know in the comments and I’ll try to cover it in a future post!

As always, thanks again for reading! You’re seriously the best.



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