NEW Rusty Toaster Custom Star Wars POP Vinyls – Interview

Rusty Toaster’s Custom R2D2 and C3PO Star Wars POP Vinyl’s

If you are into custom POP Vinyls then you are going to love this, a little while ago I stumbled across Rusty Toaster Customs Tumblr page.
I simply couldn’t resist but to post a few images of her custom pop vinyl work on, which can be found here.

From that post alone there was quite a few of you that wanted to see more of Ceri’s (Rusty Toaster) work, and by that time she had already sent me some new images of her R2D2 and C3PO Star Wars pop vinyl custom jobs which she did for for one of her clients, and they are awesome! but you can be the judge of that.

Check out our interview with Rusty Toast Customs below: (images below)

How did you get into your craft?
I’ve always been really interested in art in all forms, even from a very young age. My Father was a writer, my Mother was a ballet dancer/teacher and my Uncle was a puppeteer, designing and building his own puppets and stage sets.  So i come from a very open and creative family. I went to college for Graphic Design, mainly worked in that field and i paint as a hobby. One day, my health seriously declined and was no longer able to work or even leave the house. Knowing that i was a collector of toys and vinyls, a friend sent me a “get well soon” care package that contained a few blank vinyl toys. I really had fun painting and sculpting them and it motivated me to do something other than zone out watching TV all day. Knowing what a positive influence it was having on me, friends and family started giving me more and more toys to customise, until i was running out of space!  My partner suggested that I put them for sale online and its been non-stop ever since!

What are your inspirations/ influences when it comes to creating your custom version of POP VINYLS?
Anything creepy, old and rusted, dirty and beat up or abandoned has always caught my eye. I was raised out in the country and used to dig up old bottles, bullet casings, sometimes old cast iron toys, even an old camera which i still have actually. I’m really in to Urbex as well, exploring and taking photographs of abandoned and forgotten places. I guess i just find these places and items that have been tossed aside or forgotten, to be more interesting. They look like they have a great story to tell.

Where did your name ‘Rusty Toaster Customs’ come from
Haha! Well I’ve used the name or a variation of it for years in gamertags, screen names, art work etc. It’s kind of a family joke. We seem to have a toaster curse. Ever since i was a kid we have never owned a toaster that has functioned properly. I mean everything from starting fires to melting counter tops. One toaster used to shoot flaming slices of bread across the kitchen. I was traumatised. 

What other mediums do you work on besides POP Vinyl?
I always say “If i can paint it, i probably will.” I’ve been asked to custom anything from backpacks to motorcycle helmets to furniture. My main focus is with vinyl toys but i like to think that art really has no limits. 

Do you have any favourite POP Vinyls in particular?
I actually have a pretty intense collection of POPs. Nearly all of The Walking Dead series, Adventure Time, Regular Show and i’ve started collecting the horror icons too. Funko Pops are one of my most favorite collector toy out there.

Are you open in doing custom jobs for other people?
Always! Some of my favorite pieces have come from commissioned works.

Upcoming projects we should look out for?
I’m working with a client who just commissioned some iconic female characters by Funko Pop such as Wonder Woman and Maleficent, can’t wait to get started on that. In the meantime, I’m usually always busy making something look ridiculous!

Where can people find you
I’m terrible at social media but you can find me on Instagram  @rustytoaster or




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