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Baymax Exclusive Funko POP! Taking Flight

Exclusive Baymax!

An exclusive Baymax Funko POP! is available for Pre-order at Earlier we previewed the 7 figures in the Big Hero 6 Funko POP! series. One of them being Baymax without armor. This exclusive POP! figure of Baymax is essentially the same, but with one big change. It glows in the dark!
Baymax is one of the stars of the new Disney animated film, Big Hero 6, filled with 4 other heroes alongside him and his companion Hiro.

Amazon Exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Baymax

Amazon Exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Baymax

A big, almost completely, white hero like Baymax with glow in the dark features makes this a grand fixture in your collection. The Baymax exclusive  is available for Pre-order now at and will ship November 1st just in time for the big feature film opening in theaters on November 7th 2014. However, act quickly on this Pre-order as past Amazon orders and reviews will tell you that Amazon typically runs in short supply and will take much longer to ship than originally stated.

Baymax glow in the dark exclusive pop vinyl

What are your thoughts on the new Baymax Exclusive POP Vinyl? Will you be adding him to your collection?

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  • flapjacky

    This isn’t an oversize figure like the armored Baymax? I was hoping Amazon made a mistake with the size. Would’ve been cooler if he matched is armored version

    • Thats correct, this is not an oversized pop like the Armoured baymax.
      I agree it would of been great to have a 6″ glow in the dark baymax in this version

      • Kody B.

        It now says that it is a 6” on the page. However, I ordered it earlier for $10.99 and now it’s $19.99. I’m glad I pre-ordered when I did!

        • Thats really lucky I hope they don’t cancel the order