Best of Anime Series 2 Mystery Minis include DBZ Naruto and more

When it comes to classic and the best Japanese anime around, Dragon Ball Z is a childhood classic. In a time where other anime are struggling to make their mark, Dragon Ball Z has already cemented his place as a classic both in print and small screens. Fans of the series can vividly remember the classic super villains like Vegeta. And who can ever forget the balls of fire and that hair, right? Now, loyal and casual fans of the series will be delighted to know that a new Shonen Jump Dragon Ball Mystery Minis  is now available.

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Dragon Ball Z Mystery Minis

Dragon Ball Z Mystery Minis

As a mystery mini pack, a collector can count on a random selection of characters from the series that may include Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta. Other characters in the manga/anime may be included and subject to the blind treatment of this product. Whatever the case, the arrival of a Dragon Ball Z Mystery Minis is an exciting addition to the growing line-up of Pop! vinyl figures. Use these character figures to set up the nth clash between the two characters, or order one as a gift for an avid collector!


We can also confirm that the Best of Anime Series 2 Mystery Minis Display Case will potentially include Naruto and Sasuke from naruto, Light, Ryuk and L for Desu Noto and Kon and Ichigo from Bleach. All characters and figures from this set are individually packed.

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