Blizzard Heroes of The Storm Funko Mysery Minis


If you are a Fan of Blizzard Entertainments gaming experience then you are going to love the new Mystery Minis.

If you are not familiar with Heroes of the Storm, its a multiplayer online computer game developed by Blizzard which uses the same engine as the StarCraft.

The2 1/2-inches tall adorable figures featured in the Heros set contains the following, Diablo, Kerrigan, Jim Raynor, Clear Cloaked Nova, Witch Doctor, Chef Stiches, Arthas, Tyrael, Stiches, Patriot Raynor, Nova and more.

Click here to order your very own Heros of the Storm mystery mini set



A closer look4485_Blizzard_BB_FRONT_LINE_UP

What do you think of the new Blizzard blind boxes, will you be adding these to your collection? Let u know in the comments section
check out the Heros gameplay

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  1. Richard McMillan February 20, 2015

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