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A closer look at the Doctor Who Funko POP’s

Earlier this week we made a post highlighting Funkos new Doctor Who figures as well as many others which can be seen here. Now we would like to present you with a closer look at the new Doctor Who pops and pocket pops found below.

The new pop series features a modest line up which includes Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, Cyber man, Dalek, Adipose, Weeping angel and Tardis.

Click here to order your very own Doctor who pops

4627_10_Dr_Who_POP 4628_11_Dr_Who_POP 4629_4_Dr_Who_POP 4630_12_Dr_Who_POP 4630_Cyberman_Dr_Who_POP 4632_Dalek_Dr_Who_POP 4633_Adipose_Dr_Who_POP 5258_Weeping_Angel_Dr_Who_POP 5286_Tardis_Dr_Who_POP

Pocket Pops4992_10_Dr_Who_PocketKeychainPOP_Glam 4993_11_Dr_Who_PocketKeychainPOP_Glam 4994_4_Dr_Who_PocketKeychainPOP_Glam 4995_12_Dr_Who_PocketKeychainPOP_Glam 4996_Adipose_Dr_Who_PocketKeychainPOP_Glam

Tell us what you think of the new Doctor who pop vinyls in the comments section


The Top 10 Doctor who doctors


  • Amanda

    I personally couldn’t be happier with a first series for Doctor Who POP. ^_^ Next time I’d love to see Nine, the First Doctor, and some companions. Maybe the Silence.

  • Whovian

    That Dalek is adorable! I might have to make it my first PopVinyl purchase…

  • Michelle Miller

    10!! When do these come out?

  • Mel Choup’s

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed !!!!! <3

  • Denny Ortega

    I am a big fan of doctor who, Capaldi and Tennant looks great, when will be avaliable and what are the size of the tardis and the Dalek? Saludos desde Mexico.

  • Gabrielle Navoski


    • Grand Poobah

      More likely Eccleston being unwilling to sign off on rights to his likeness for the product. Or even him wanting more than Ninth Doctor merch might deliver?

    • Color Brush

      Funko normally tends to do a certain amount of characters at a time. Maybe some day..

  • maya_k

    I wish they had 9. I’m glad they have 4. I want the 4 and 10 keychains.

  • Michelle Lynn

    Companion series next? Totally getting an 11 and a 12 as soon as I see them. 😀

  • Denny Ortega

    Preorders disabled until further….oh god…I just came from the bank to buy the whole lot. Sad world.

  • Matthew Johnson

    Personally, I hope they do further series with at least the other Doctors. I want a tiny Troughton Doctor.

    • Its a big chance Funko will, this is only the 1st wave of POP’s and Doctor who POP’s are in huge demand at the moment. I think its safe to say that funko will deliver

  • RCEnderman

    Hoping for more enemies in the next series, maybe the silence, old cybermen, and maybe some companions such as Amy And K-9