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Disney’s Big Hero 6 POP Vinyl Glam Shots Released

Prepare yourself for the Disney Big Hero 6 POP Vinyl figures!

Images leaked earlier today of the brand new Disney Big Hero 6 Funko POP Vinyl series features Go go Tomago, Honey Lemon, Hiro Hamada, Wasabi No-Ginger, 6 inch Baymax and Fred.

The Big Hero 6 Funko POP series is expected to release in October 2014.

Check out the Big Hero 6 POP Vinyl glam shots

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Hiro Hamada pop vinylBaymax pop vinyl

Big Hero 6 Baymax pop vinyl

Go go Tomago pop vinylHoney Lemon pop vinylWasabi no-ginger pop vinylfred pop vinylBig hero POP Vinyls

Big Hero 6 Plot
Set in a fictional city known as San Fransokyo, based in futuristic Tokyo, a young Japanese robotics designer by the name of Hiro Hamada uncovers a criminal plot, in which he builds his own robot side-kick named Baymax.
He puts together a plan of action and recruits a team of inexperienced crime-fighters,
 including WasabiHoney LemonGoGo Tomago, and Fred to help solve the mystery surrounding the crime.

From the creators of Frozen and Wreck it Ralph, Disney’s upcoming animated feature film is due  to hit cinemas around the country on the November 7th 2014.


Big Hero 6 Trailer


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  • Ricardo Marques

    great nothing for canada again…