Disney, Family Guy, Futurama, Doctor Who, Shrek and more

Images were released on the Funko uk group earlier of some of the new concept art from Funkos new 2015 catalog.

Update Part 2 of the Reveal Here.

The new pop vinyl concepts are of the following:
Doctor Who, Disney, Princess and the Frog, Repunzel, Mulan, Family Guy, Futurama, Once upon a time, Bravest warriors,, Kung-Fu panda, Shrek, Outlander and Ted 2.

The new Outlander pops featuring Jamie Fraser, Frank Randall, Calire Randall, Black Jack Randall and Dougal Mackenzie.




The bravest warriors featuring two pop vinyls with Cat Bug and ImpossiBear and a pocket pop featuring Cat Bug.

The new Once Upon a Time series featuring 6 new pops which include Emma Swan, Regina, Rumpelstilskin, Prince Charming, Snow White and Hook.


Two new WWE characters have been confirmed which includes Sting and the legendary Andre the Giant which will be released as a super sized 6″ pop vinyl. wwe-wrestling-pop-vinyl

In a recent post we revealed three of the four new Futurama pop vinyls which can been seen here, for this series we have Fry, Bender, Leela and Robot Devil.
Check out the glam shots here.


The iconic TV show of family guy is also getting a pop vinyl remake featuring Peter with glasses, Brian, Stewie and a Ray gun Stewie.
Check out the glam shots hereFamily-guy-pop-vinyl

New Disney Tangled pop vinyls featuring Repunzel, Pascal and Maximus.


The Mulan series will feature Mulan, Mushu and the Cricket.

Disney’s Aurora and Ariel pop vinyls.


The new Princess and the Frog will feature 3 new characters which will include the following, Princess Tania and Naveen, Louis the Alligator and Doctor Facilier.


From the animated pop series we have new King Fu Panda and Shrek pops joining the ranks.


Lets no forget the most highly anticipated Doctor Who pop vinyls, the new series will include Tardis , Dalek, Adipose, 4th Doctor, Weeping Angel, Cyber man, 12th Doctor, 11th Doctor and 10th Doctor.
Check out the new Doctor Who glam shots.


Ted 2 will also be getting added to the funko family which will include two different versions of Ted, one with a beer and one with a controller.ted-2-funko-pop-vinyl


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