DIY POP Vinyls – Create your own POP!

Bring your favourite characters to life using the DIY pop vinyl Kit.

Funko has brought hundreds of characters to life through their POP! Vinyl line and have access to dozens of licenses, ranging from DC to Disney. However, despite their ever expanding collection of vinyls, they can’t possibly produce one for every character within these licenses. They’ll have Spiderman and Wolverine, but they may never get to Scarlet Spider or Blink or any of the numerous characters we all love.
Now we have a new, easier option to bring our custom characters to life.
Eliminating the need to paint over existing figures, these DIY POP Vinyl blank canvases come in both male and female varieties.

Click here to get your own DIY figures at Entertainment Earth or Amazon


DIY POP Vinyl – Female


DIY POP Vinyl – Male


While these base models might not work for some more intricate figures, they will provide a way for collectors to add unique creations to their POP! display. Plus, with customizing easier than ever before, we will likely see an influx of amazing artistic products from all of our favorite custom creators.

At we just love seeing new custom pop vinyls, just look at the Custom pop vinyl artists we have covered and interviewed and make sure you check out the Emerald City Comicon charity pop vinyls ,which were later auctioned off to raise money for the children’s hospital, all of the ECCC pop vinyls were made using these DIY kits.

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