DragonBall Z Funko POP Vinyls Announced

“ITS OVER 9000!!!!! DragonBall Z Funko POP Vinyls Glam Shots!!!!”

The long awaited Dragonball Z Funko pop vinyls have been announced along with their glam shots. The new DragonBall Z Series features 5 of the main characters including Super Saiyan GokuFinal Form Cell, VegetaPiccolo and Final Form Frieza.
These new POP’s bring the school morning memories back, before I would go to school I would always watch DragonBall Z over breakfast with out fail, those were the good old days, and I think most kids who grew up in that time would recall something similar in their own ‘morning school routines’.

The Dragon Ball Z Pop Vinyl series is due to be released in August 2014
Dragon ball Z Funko pop vinyl Check out the Funko POP Vinyl Glam Shots

Cell dragonball z pop vinyl Piccolo dragonball z pop vinyl Frieza dragonball z pop vinyl Vegeta dragonball z pop vinyl Goku dragonball z pop vinyl

Check out this Dragonball Z Parody

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What do you think of the new DragonBall Z Funko POP Vinyls?

Who’s excitement level is over 9000?


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