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EXCLUSIVE Bioshock Infinite Super Sized Songbird POP Vinyl


Looks like Funko has heard our calls the much needed BioShock line and it looks like Game Stop have received the honour of releasing the first ever BioShock exclusive POP which features a Super Sized (6″) Songbird POP!

The new Song Bird POP is currently available for Pre-order

Click here to order your Song Bird POP today, there is limited supply to be fast to avoid paying high after market prices

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Check out the concept art below
Bioshock Songbird pop vinyl exclusive game stop

Looks like we can expect more of all of our favourite characters from the much loved gaming series.
What do you think of the new Song Bird POP? Will you be adding him to your collection?
Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Khal Jerel

    Wish his wings were spread and he was crawling, like an action pose… You could use a pop rides box for it.