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First Look at the Rocky Horror Picture Show Funko POP Vinyls

The first shots of the new Rocky Horror Picture Show POP Vinyls have been released featuring 6 new figures to the Funko movies line which includes Brad Majors, Columbia, Riff Raff, Dr Frank-n-furter, Janet Weiss and Magenta.

Click here to order your very own set of Rock Horror Picture Show POP’s

What do you think of the new Rocky Horror Picture Show POP’s? Let us know in the comments section below.Brad majors pop vinyl rocky horror picture show Columbia funko pop - rocky horror picture show rif raff rocky horror picture show funko pop rocky horror picture show dr frank-n-furter rocky horror picture show Janet wiess rocky horror picture show pop vinyl megenta



  • Muad’dib


  • Lillith

    Amazing! I must have them all!

  • Wanda Jean Nairn

    love them when can i get a set?

  • Justin Watson

    Where the fuck are their mouths? And where the fuck is Rocky?

    • andibgoode

      Pop! Vinyls never have mouths. They’ve just given Frank one because his makeup is so iconic. No idea why there’s no Rocky, though.

  • Steve Sears

    No Rocky? How sad. You can’t have a floor show without Rocky

  • andibgoode

    I hope these do well enough that we get Rocky (strangely absent in the first lot of figures for a movie with his name in it), Eddie, Dr Scott, and the Criminologist! Also, these are amazing and I can’t wait to get them :)

  • hannah

    uhm..wheres eddie where dr scott and where the fuck is rocky???

  • Keith Schlenkermann

    I Like them, hope they will have more with the other characters, rocky, eddie etc

  • Savannah Ineedavacation Baldwi

    but where’s Rocky?

  • Diane Bigelow Whelton

    How and where do I buy one?