Funko Announce E.T. POP Vinyls

E.T phone home

Funko is at is again, releasing another movies series POP vinyl set to the Funko POP collection. This time Funko will be releasing the 1982 cult classic film E.T. Funko pop vinyl series, featuring our favourite alien E.T along with his friend Elliott played by Henry Thomas, and his sister Gertie played by Drew Barrymore.

E.T was a box office smash hit and was labeled one of the highest grossing films with a budget of 10.5 million and earning $792,910,554 at the box office. The Spielberg feature was so successful it even surpassed Star Wars and remained 46th of the highest grossing films of all time until Juressic Park made its debut in 1993.

The E.T POP Vinyls are set to be available in September 2014 and they are available for pre-order now.

Check out the new ET Funko POPs below:

E.T Elliott pop vinylE.t gertie pop vinyle.t pop vinyl

ET funko pop vinyl

Click Here to order you E.T POP Vinyls now

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