Funko CEO Brian Mariotti Talks POP! T-Shirts and More

Hot Topic recently released an exclusive interview with Brian Mariotti the CEO of Funko.
In that interview Brian covered how Funko was, and how it has come to be when he acquired the company. He talks about the first POP’s that launched Funko in to the stratosphere of bobble head success.

In the interview Brian also drops a few more bombs announcing their focus on Dorbz and their upcoming line of Hot Topic exclusive (numbered) POP Vinyl styled printed T-shirts which look amazing!

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There is also a glimpse of some of the new Doctor who Hot Topic EXCLUSIVE pops!

Doctor who hot topic pop vinyl exclusive

A closer Look at the T-shirts

hot topic exclusive funko pop vinyl t shirts

Goku and My Little Pony Rainbow Dash


Hot Topic exclusive Funko pop vinyl t shirts 1 hot topic Funko pop vinyl t shirts 3 Limited edition funko pop vinyl Hot topic t shirts 2
What Do you think of the new direction Funko is going with the limited POP T-shirts and the Dorbz figures, let us know below in the comments.


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