Funko POP! Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Avengers Assemble….Again! The new Age of Ultron Avengers set is set to release extremely soon! Coming in February we have a full lineup of characters from the sequel to one of the biggest movies to ever hit the big screen. First we have four new variations of characters from the past. First we have Iron Man Mk 43 which shows Iron Man in action and hovering by shooting what appears to be ice or water.

Next we have Captain America in a suit that looks based of the First Avenger and Winter Soldier, a very fit and powerful looking Captain. Next we have the Hulk who looks a lot more vicious than the previous Hulk and looks to be based more off the movie character.

And then we have Thor, helmetless, in some sleek new duds, and wielding Mjolnir. And then we have three new characters to the Funko POP! Avengers team. Hawkeye with his movie attire, a grayed Vision which to me looks awesome, but I’d prefer the original color scheme with green and not grey. And lastly the big bad guy himself, Ultron! The super-villain created by Stark and Banner in this movie, comes to life as a Funko POP! figure. The set comes out in February so be sure to keep a close eye out. Avengers: Age of Ultron is primed for a May 1st release date in the USA.

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The newest addition to the Avengers 2 POP Vinyl line

The newest addition to the Avengers 2 POP Vinyl line

vision ultron thor iron man mark 43 hulk hawkeye captain america

And we have even more news for you! Also coming in February to Hot Topic stores only and online, we have Savage Hulk! It appears this Savage Hulk and possibly the Hulk in the regular set, could be 6inch Funko POP! figures, which makes completely sense to have the biggest Avenger be bigger than the others. This grayed out Savage Hulk looks ready to battle and doesn’t seem to care with who. This Funko POP! vinyl figure comes out in February as well.

The new Avengers featuring Hot Top Savage Hulk

The new Avengers featuring Hot Top Savage Hulk

However, I am a little disappointed by the announced set. The characters do all look great, but Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would have been nice additions. But with the rumors swirling about Marvel’s future Avengers teams, I’m sure there will be plenty of time for Funko to create POP!’s of those two. And I do hope in the future a 6in Hulkbuster Funko POP! makes it way out into the world. How awesome would that be?!

And if you need help taking down Ultron or the recently announced Entertainment Earth Glow-in-the-Dark Thanos, remember, new Marvel characters including Venom, Punisher, and two variations of Spiderman were recently released to Walgreens in January. Be sure to collect them all and Happy Hunting True Believers! Excelsior!


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Thor pocket pop iron man pocket pop Hulk pocket pop capt america pocket pop avengers-2-mystery-mini


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