Funko POP! Resurrects Firefly

The widely popular, but short lived, sci-fi drama Firefly is coming in pop vinyl form to consumers. These Firefly POP! vinyl figures are expected to be shipped out in October, but are available for pre-order now!

First within this series of the Firefly Funko POP! vinyl figures is Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of the Firefly class ship, Serenity. Second in the series is Zoe Washburne, a former Brown coat who is essentially the adviser to Captain Reynolds and gives him advice and tactical strategies. Third in the series is Hoban Washburne, husband to Zoe and pilot of the Serenity.
Carrying one of his collectible dinosaurs shows how much Funko dived into the characters from Firefly.
Fourth in the series is Jayne Cobb, the muscle of the crew and it is least trusted member, carrying his signature weapon of choice ‘Vera’ and striped hat given to him by his mother.
Lastly in the series is Kaylee Frye, the ever optimistic mechanic of Serenity is seen holding a wrench and wearing her most often seen in mechanic’s fashion.
The audience of this now cult classic television show will love these pop vinyl figures simply because it is another piece of their heart, and even though Firefly could not fight off cancellation, these figures will be with you forever.
These unforgettable fan favorite characters will be available sometime in September 2014 and are sure to bring plenty of peace and a full crew of serenity to your hearts.

Get your very own set of the Firefly pop vinyls for only $10.99 from Entertainment Earth, the best place for anything Funko


captain-malcolm_reynolds-funko-pop-vinyl hoban-washburne_funko-pop-vinyl jayne-cobb-funko-pop-vinyl kaylee-frye-funko-pop-vinyl zoe-washburne-funko-pop-vinyl

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