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Funko Release Bobs Burgers POP Vinyls

Last time we saw the rumours and the leaked lists of new POP’s that were due to be released, on that list was Bobs Burgers! Funko are officially bringing you the new Bob’s Burgers POP’s featuring all of our favourites from the Belcher family including, Bob, Linda, Gene, Louise and Tina.

What are you waiting for, click here to order the Bob Burgers POP’s today

Bob belcher pop Gene belcher Funko Vinyl Linda belcher Funko Louise belcher pop vinyl Tina belcher Funko pop

Will you be adding the Bob Burgers POP’s to your collection? let us know in the comments section below.


  • Mysterious

    There should be a pop with the thing Louise is holding I forgot the name

    • simsian

      Kuchi Kopi. “You are a grown man, giveitame!”

  • Dahlface


  • Getting the whole set!!

  • simsian

    If these sell well, can we have a Teddy?

    • intodust

      I so hope we get a Teddy!!!

  • Angela Elvebak

    Can we buy them now? If so where, I would love to get a set.

  • I want to buy. All. Of. Them.

  • Commish of hangin’

    I want 20 Tina Belchers please

    • faifai

      she’s my favorite too!

  • Mysterious

    One of each and I will try to make their apartment

  • Ribbon Dulce

    I want them all!! I am already asking Santa!!

  • Nathan Springstead

    I just pre-ordered all 5 today on ebay. Was only 1 lot left last I checked. I would love a Teddy one or the taffy figure from the old factory.

  • Jacklord

    Please! Give us a release date!!

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