Ghostbusters POP Vinyls Appear at Toy Fair 2016

The big question is…  WHO?  …  Who you gonna call??
Ghostbusters of course! Yes! After two decades of inactivity, the Ghostbusters’ Hotline are reopened. Their mobile filled with ghost busting equipment are now back on street roads to kick some ghost’s butts .


But for the past two decades, things have changed.
This Ghostbuster movie reboot will be on big screens this July 2016. Featuring the new generation of Ghostbusters (all female ghost-control squad).  But prior to the movie premiere, you may check this new Ghostbusters POP vinyl. The collection includes the main characters of the movie especially, the new Ghostbusters namely: Patty Tolan to be played by Leslie Jones, Abby Yates played by Melissa McCarthy, Jillian Holtzmann played by Kate McKinnon, and Erin Gilbert played by Kristen Wiig.

The POPs showcase the personalities of each character. Not only are the new sets of Ghostbusters, there are also some characters featured that may or may not look familiar. The personalities of the characters will be revealed in the movie.

Who can think that women can be ghosts’ biggest nightmare? The plot is still a misery but one thing is for sure, if you love it at first time, you’ll surely still love it this time and you’ll love to have the POP’s too.

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