Images of the Friends Funko POP Series Released


Happy Friday Funko Funatics!

Funko has finally released the first images of the upcoming Friends POP Vinyls which will be introduced to the POP! TV series featuring all 6 of our favourites including Chandler Bing, Pheoebe Buffay, Joey Tibbiani, Ross Geller, Rachel Green and Monica Geller.

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Entertainment Weekly Spoke with the VP of Funko Ben Butcher

Bringing the Central Perk gang to life was a labor of love as the company knew they needed to get everything right. “It was one of those things where all of us watched the show and knew it very well,” says Funko VP of creative Ben Butcher. “It was just a matter of stepping back and [saying], “If you’re not thinking about the show and you’re walking by the shelf, what’s going to make you go, ‘Oh my God, that’s Chandler!’”

It goes without saying that Rachel would be sporting her iconic ‘do, but the other characters weren’t as easy to nail down. “We started Monica in just one of her more regular outfits that you would recognize, but if you take it out of context, it wasn’t as iconic,” says Butcher. “With Phoebe, we tried to get the guitar in there. With Joey and Chandler, they are two regular guys at first … and then we decided to bring the duck and the chick into it.”

That’s actually one of the reasons it took the company so long to immortalize the Friends characters in the first place. “These figures are better when they’re crazy-looking,” says Funko CEO Brian Mariotti. “Everyone on that show is just really good-looking, so we needed to get the details just right. We had to add that extra level ofFriends-ness. I know, that’s not even a word.” Spoken like a true Geller.

What do you think of the new Friends POP’s, will you be adding them to your collection?
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