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Lootcrate DC Comic Funko POP Vinyl SPOILER

September 2014 LootCrate Galactic Edition

Its here! the Funko POP that everyone has been talking about for Decembers big lootcrate reveal, in fact we covered this pop a few months ago and it was a proto that surfaced which featured a mash up of two prominent characters from the DC comics series.

Long story short we have the image of the Lootcrate exclusive pop vinyl figure and it looks AMAZING! its your choice whether you want to take a peek or not :)


Update: Due to a kind request from Lootcrate we have taken the image of the new exclusive pop vinyl down, we understand from lookcrates point of view that they want their looters to experience the surprise and excitement factor of receiving such a great product in the mail. As fellow looters here at we have granted those simple wishes of Lootcrate to preserve the surprise.
We hope our readers understand and we urge anyone who saw or copied the image from to keep it close to them and not spoil it for other people.

Thanks for your understanding – If you are keen to get the inside scoop of any upcoming pop vinyls join the collectors ONLY Facebook group

Until then the image will be reposted on the 20th December 2014 for everyone else to get a glimpse of the new POP figure.


Lootcrate exclusive joker pop vinyl


Click here to see Lootcrate’s previous pop vinyl exclusive featuring the popular Groot figure from Guardians of the Galaxy.

What do you think of the Lootcrate exclusive POP? will you be adding him to your collection?

  • Loot Crate

    Thanks you guys! :)

    • ExplodingJuice

      Already saw it. I must say I am very disappointed. All that hype over it and its pretty meh. Been thinking about switching to Nerd Block for a while and this pushed me over.

    • ExplodingJuice

      Why even hide this?

  • ExplodingJuice

    For those who don’t know what it is yet :

    It’s Joker Batman. It’s a mash up of the two in a very hideous way. Batman Funko with Joker colors and swirly eyes. Totally not exciting news at all.

  • Super hyped! Really hoping for a subscription to this month’s crate for christmas…..only 8 days until I find out…..I already got a spot on my shelf ready for him and everything….not getting him wouldn’t be the end of the world…but I’d have to go and reorganize my shelf back to the way it was or order one on ebay before my OCD towards empty spots kicks in.

  • Scarlett Snape

    Pretty sure that is the ugliest thing I think I will ever be receiving -.- Maybe if it was Batman with a joker mask? but this? this is atrocious….hopefully I can pawn it off on someone else…

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