Napoleon Dynamite POP Vinyls – I guess things are getting serious!

If you saw Napoleon Dynamite then you are probably going to love this POP series, Funko will be releasing 5 new characters to the POP Movie series featuring Napoleon Dynamite, Kip, Pedro, Uncle Rico and Deb.

Click here to add these POP Vinyls to your collection

Also don’t forget to check out the Napoleon Dynamite Vinyl Sugar figures which can be seen here

What do you think of the new figures? will you be adding them to your collection, let us know in the comment section below:


Vote for Pedro

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Napoleon Dynamite Deb Pop! Vinyl Figure Napoleon Dynamite Kip Pop! Vinyl Figure Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Pop! Vinyl Figure Napoleon Dynamite Uncle Rico Pop! Vinyl Figure Napoleon Dynamite Pedro Pop! Vinyl Figure

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