Get Ready for Naruto’s Glow-in-the-Dark Kurama Mode

Naruto viewers and enthusiasts know and understands the Kurama in the series- its portrayed as a shrewd, intelligent and cynical individual who see the world as his enemy but also has a wicked sense of humor. It was kurama who also gives the series an edge, and the character that also helped Naruto along the way. And through the years, the kurama has impressed many as it learned to re-focus its strengths and perspectives and the result is a changed kurama who decided to trust Naruto.



Kurama Kyubi Mode Glow in the Dark 6”

Kurama Kyubi Mode Glow in the Dark 6”

Today, the kurama character is no longer just one of the many elements that add glow and spark into the series. Thanks to the decision of Funko, avid viewers of Naruto and collectors can now count on the latest kurama Pop! Vinyl figure, available in glow-in-the-dark design. This new Funko release shows the Kurama in kyubi mode, and ready to take on the challenges.

This latest Pop! figure inspired by the series is a great conversation piece and a perfect addition to any room or collection. As a super-sized Pop! that measures 6”, followers and viewers of Naruto will never forget the series or even the action and confrontation scenes even days or weeks after watching the clips!

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  1. Lizzy Midford February 13, 2016

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