New Marvel Thor Funko POP Vinyls Revealed

Marvel Thor Funko POP Vinyl Glam Shots Revealed

Introducing the new Marvel Thor Funko POP Vinyl collection, The new Thor series consists of 4 new characters to the Thor line, featuring Loki, Odin, Lady Sif and Heimdall (with a helmet).
All the Thor POP Vinyls look stunning with their gold/silver armour and super fine details on each charactor, however the one we expect for people to talk about the most is the new Loki POP!, if you are a die-hard pop collector you will know that the previous version of the Loki silver helmet and the Comic Con exclusive Loki gold helmet editions cost literally an arm and a leg to get a hold of.
It has now been made possible to get a hold of the new Loki with the gold Helmet with out selling your soul to the devil, the new Thor Funko pop vinyls are expected to be released sometime in September 2014

Get the Thor pop vinyls now from Amazon or Entertainment Earth – Both shops have been amazing for pop collectors around the world

Check out the Marvel Thor Funko POP Vinyl glam shots below:

heimdall Marvel thor funko pop vinyl lady sif Marvel thor funko pop vinyl odin Marvel thor funko pop vinyl loki Marvel thor funko pop vinyl


Thor 2 movie trailer

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What do you think of the new Thor Funko POP series?

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