Series 2: Bob burgers POPs and POP Key Chain

Here are the new Bob’s Burger POP’s and POP keychain that will surely excite fans of the animated series out there.

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First figure is the eldest child – Tina Ruth Beltcher. She loves rainbows, horses, zombies, writing erotic fiction, and movies. The POP figure is a POP key chain. The figure shows an image of a simple school girl that seems to have a lot of day dream.  You’ll surely love to have Tina Beltcher as a key chain.
Next is Buttloose Tina or also known as the “Bad Tina”. This Bad side of Tina was shown in the twenty first episodes of the animated comedy series. The figure showcase the matured Tina Ruth Beltcher.
There is also the figure of Tedy. The figure is handing a burger signifies that he is a frequent diner at Bob’s.  The figure also shows the personality of chatty Tedy.
The last figure is… the last figure is the Beefsquatch. I guess the beefsquatch appeared on the later episodes of Bob’s Burgers wherein Bob cooked for a TV show. The appearance of the creature is a li’l bit hard to illustrate through words (just kidding, he’s like an walking burger). You’ll surely want it to be in your collection.

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