Sixth SDCC Exclusives Set Announced Plus Giveaway

He’s just going to break bad.

Wednesday already?  San Diego Comic Con is rapidly approaching Funko Fans. Today Funko has announced their sixth set of SDCC exclusives. This batch is television themed and features some of the most popular characters of recent shows. From a chemist to a DJ pony, check out the exclusives below. Readers beware, there are spoilers for the Walking Dead in this batch:

SDCC Walter White pop vinyl exclusive

First up we have Walter White. Looks like there might have been an accident in the lab because Walt is glowing in the dark.

SDCC Jessie Pinkman pop vinyl exclusive

Jesse can’t catch a break.

SDCC Hershel pop vinyl exclusive

Hershel’s losing his head over this exclusive.

SDCC Game of thrones White Walker Exclusive Action Figure

This figure is incredibly detailed and his glow means he won’t be getting the drop on you!


Finally, for any of you MLP fans out there we have new Spitfire and DJ Pon-3 figures. A pony that’s also a DJ: what a fantastic time we live in.

Funko will be giving away this entire set of announced figures over the next two days on their social media channels. One winner will be announced Thursday at 4 pm PST. So for your chance to win some awesome exclusives, check out the links below:

So what do you think? Any exclusives you’re waiting for with baited breath? Let us know in the comments below!

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