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First Look at The Elder Scrolls V POP Vinyls

So you thought we were done bringing you all that sweet gaming pop vinyl news? well we have one more left so hang in there.

Funko has also released their Elder Scrolls V POP Vinyls featuring 3 new Skyrim charactor pop vinyls which include Dovahkiin, Daedric Warrior and the super sized Alduin dragon pop.

The new Skyrim Funko POP’s are set to be released in August 2015.

Click here to find out where you can purchase your Elder Scrolls POP’s now

Alduin The Elder Scrolls V POP Vinyls Daedric Warrior The Elder Scrolls V POP Vinyls Dovahkiin The Elder Scrolls V POP Vinyls


What do you think of the new series, will you be adding them to your collection? Tell us by leaving a comment below.


  • Jess Vickmark

    Really disappointed that there isn’t an Ulfric in the works yet! Or a Parthurrnax. Hopefully they’re being planned out for the future?
    And of course a female Dovah. :)