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Star Lord with Mixed Tape POP!

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the foundations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe because it brings a bridge to the other universes of Marvel. We’ll, comics fan know why. Anyway, in the movie franchise, there’s one thing that makes the music somehow a little bit mysterious — Star Lord’s Mix Tape.

Depicted in the movie, the tape contains his mother’s favorite mix of music. This is why he brings the mixed tape anywhere he goes (we can say that Star Lord is a bit sentimental). This mixed tape makes up for theentire soundtrack on the movie franchise.


Many fans of Guardians of the Galaxy are waiting for this figure to be out in stores. And now here it is! The POP figure of Star Lord together with his iconic mixed tape.

The figure is after Star Lord’s appearance in the movie franchise. We’ll, most of the fans just want the mixed tape figure but, we cannot make a POP vinyl of the tape I supposed (just kidding!). This figure is waiting to be part of your POP vinyl collection.

Currently this Star Lord POP is being sold over at