Star Wars The Force Awakens Funko POPs Incoming

Last time we saw the Star Wars The Force Awakens Leaked photos which surfaced on a few Star Wars fan sites, we shortly found out that these images were not an authorised release and found out that Disney was on a mission to contain the situation of the photos getting leaked.

So lets get straight into it — Funko are releasing 9 new Star Wars Pops to their movie collection which includes C-3P0 a red arm, BB-8, Chewy, Finn, Kylo Ren (which appeared in Target recently), Poe Dameron, Rey, First Order Snow Trooper, First Order Flame Trooper and an Amazon exclusive First Order Storm Trooper.

Start your collection of the new Force Awakens POP!s now for only $10.99 each here 


3PO Funko BB8 Funko Chewie Funko Finn Funko Kylo Funko Poe Funko Rey Funko Snowtrooper Funko

first order storm trooper exclusive

Amazon Exclusive First Order Storm Troopertrooper Funko




flametrooperpop captain-phasma-pop


Metallic C-3PO Pop! Vinyl Figure Unmasked Finn Unmasked Rey


But thats not all it looks like Funko will be adding a line of The Force Awakens Wacky Wobblers

starwarsep7rfinnww starwarsep7reyww starwarsep7kylorenww starwarsep7firstorderstormtrooperww starwarsep7chewbaccaww starwarsep7captainphasmaww

In other news, Funko will be releasing an Exclusive 3 Pack Star Wars POP set featuring Jabba The Hutt, Slave Leia and Salacious Crum from the this scene from Return of the Jedi.

Starwars jabba the hutt 3pack pop

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