Suicide Squad POP Vinyl Exclusives

Is the world desperate or the justice just have its bad side? One of the most surprising movie of the year is the Suicide Squad of the DC Extended Universe.
This is the movie wherein the most dangerous of all the super villains of DC Universe are the ones to serve justice. The imprisoned dangers are offered to do a mission against another super villain in exchange for clemency.
At first look, it seems to be a desperate move of the government but it’s not. The movie franchise will reveal how come that the government decided to do it so.

The movie was scheduled to hit the cinemas on August 5 of this year but before the day that justice will be served in a crazy manner, it’s a good thing to have these exclusive POP figures of the Suicide Squad.

Along with the release we will be seeing Exclusive POP Vinyls and mystery minis from Hot Topic, Target, Walmart and Game Stop – Keep your eyes peeled and be quick before they get snapped up.










Including the figures of different Harley Quinn from her Psychologist personality (Dr. Harleen) to her villain personalities (2 figures of Harley Quinn).


Of course there is Joker, one of the most favorite villain in DC Universe. The collection includes 3 figures of Joker in different appearances. And a lot more of another characters’ figures.




All the figures looks are based on how the characters will appear on the movie.

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