Surf’s Up for Batman Pop! Vinyls

Suicide Squad will open in cinemas worldwide soon and already speculations about Batman and the Joker is running high in just about every media outlet in the United States and elsewhere; however, our favorite superhero and the audacious psychotic villain has been a longtime favorite since the time of our grandparents. Our featured pop vinyl is from the classic TV series “Batman” starring Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin), Alan Napier (Alfred), Cesar Romero (Joker) and others.

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But unlike any pop vinyls that have come before these are both reminiscent of the past and a sure fire way to surprise Batman fans of today. This is a Batman on a surf board pop vinyl, yes, you heard it right – Batman surfing and don’t even ask me how, because it just defies all logic and makes Batman ever more awesome than he already is!


If you’ll watch the old TV series that ran from 1966 – 1968, then you’ll see an episode there where Batman and the Joker casually (or seemingly) competing on who is the better surfer and it was in broad daylight no less. Well, back then Batman was more of a fun guy than his darker version of today, so it was common to see him during day time. You may no longer connect with the older version of the Batman from the 1960s, but you can’t deny that it will make you giggle with laughter as the TV series was more of punchline now than something to be taken seriously.

Still it’s Batman, so, what’s not to like? Right?

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