The Art and Custom POP Vinyl Designs of Jeffrey Jongko

Warhammer 40K meets POP Vinyl = Amazing POP Vinyl Custom’s

At we just love discovering new Custom POP Vinyl’s in the POP Vinyl medium and one artist stands out to in particular, creating highly detailed Warhammer 40K meets POP vinyl creations is Jeffrey Jongko‘s unique artwork.

Check out Jeffrey Jongko‘s interview with below

Custom POP Vinyl


How did you get into your craft?

I’ve been making models for a little above 20 years, mostly products from Games Workshop Warhammer 40k line.  I was introduced to it by a college friend and have been doing it ever since.

I initially worked on POPs at the request of my girlfriend.  She wanted me to join a Custom POP Vinyl customization contests by a local comic book franchise.  She had seen what I can do in my previous Warhammer 40k work and wanted to see me translate that to a POP (an Iron Man POP as per the contest requirements).

I made a few more Warhammer 40k-related POPs after winning the POP custom contest.  After posting those (The Dark Mechanicus and Witchhunter) on various POP FB pages/groups, I started getting inquiries about customs.

I did some initial research to see if it was something I would like to do in my spare time along with the logistical issues of shipping POPs abroad and pricing.  Eventually I decided to give it a shot.

What are your inspirations/ influences when it comes to creating your custom version of POP VINYLS?

For many of my first few customs, I definitely drew from the grimdark world of WH40k.  My more recent work has been drawn from different anime: Pokemon, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun.

Regardless of what pop I make, one of the things I would like to give my POPs is a level of detail above and beyond what Funko can viably put into their mass productions POPs.

What other mediums do you work on besides POP Vinyl?

For myself, I usually just build Warhammer 40k. I am interested in checking out Gundam models, even if only as a source of parts for my other 40k stuff.  I recently tried my hand at some Revoltech customization for a Danbo customization contest by a local toy store.  I like the idea of fusing these different styles into the POP medium to make something truly unique. 

Do you have any favourite POP Vinyls in particular?

Prior to the contest, I never even knew what a POP was.  I would say my favourite would be Iron Man, more for sentimentality’s sake since it was the POP that got me into this whole customisation hobby.

What POP Vinyls would you like to see to be released in 2014?

Many times I look at these new releases as raw materials I can use for my customs.  As such, I look for POPs that have interesting features such as good anime-ish hair.  I am looking forward to the Dragonball POPs, definitely good hair on those.

Are you open in doing custom jobs for other people?

I am open to doing customs depending my current workload and my availability.  I also have a general policy about not repeating what I’ve made before.  I can make the same character but it should be different looking from the versions I mad before (e.g. different pose, different costume).  I want everyone who orders a custom from me to get something unique for them.

Upcoming projects we should look out for?

I am currently making some commissions of WWE wrestlers: Ric Flair and Mil Mascaras.  When I have the time I would like to revisit the grimdark world of 40k or even try a Gundam-based POP custom.  Another POP I would like to try to make is Eir Stegalkin from Guild Wars 2.



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Custom POP Vinyl

Where can people find you

For more Custom POP Vinyl’s I can be found on Facebook for the most part.
My Pop customization page:

My Warhammer 40k page: