The New Fifth Element POP! Vinyls are coming

As the title says the long awaited Fifth Element POP figures are here and the new series consists of 6 new POP figures featuring 2 veriations of Leeloo, Korben Dallas, Diva Plavalaguna, Mangalore and Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.
Check them out below:
Diva Plavalaguna funko pop fifth element jean-baptiste emanuel zorg POP! figure Korben dallas funko pop Leeloo the fifth element POP! vinyl Leeloo white outfit POP! The fifth element mangalore funkoWhat do you think of the new Fifth Element POP series? will you be adding them to your collection?

If you haven’t seen the Fifth element starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich check out the full movie below


  1. Tattoo July 2, 2015
    • Ben Jacobs August 20, 2015

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