Third SDCC Exclusives Revealed Plus Giveaway

Who lives in a pineapple at SDCC?

Monday isn’t a day that people usually celebrate. Luckily for us, every Monday and Wednesday leading up to San Diego Comic Con, Funko will be announcing new exclusive figures for the convention. What better cure for a case of the Mondays than new figures?  Today they revealed their third set of SDCC exclusives. Check out their photos below:

spong bob funko SDCC Exclusives

spong bob funko SDCC Exclusive

First up, we have an incredible Spongebob Ninja Turtle Mashup. Leonardo Spongebob and Shredder Plankton are the first Funko figures to come in a collectible tin lunchbox.

Hannibal Lector funko SDCC Exclusive

Hannibal Lector funko SDCC Exclusive

Next, we have a Hannibal Lecter blood spattered variant.Where’s Will Graham when you need him?

funko SDCC Exclusivesfunko SDCC Exclusives

This set features SDCC Exclusive characters, sculpts and paint. Each figure has a 1/12 variant scale so buying a set ensures you’ll receive every character.

SDCC Now 5SDCC Now 6

Finally, the Browncoats rise again with two exclusive ReAction figures. These figures feature both Jayne’s iconic hat and Mal’s classic brown coat.

Funko will be giving away the announced figures on their social media channels over the next two days. One winner will win the entire set of announced exclusives for the day. The winner will be announced Tuesday at 4 pm PST. So for your chance to win some awesome exclusives, head on over to the links below.

So what do you think? Are these exclusives to your liking? What variants do you hope to see announced next? Let us know in the comments below!

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