Toy Fair 2015 New POP! Vinyls Hikari and More

Here’s the recap of Funkos booth at Toy Fair 2015, featuring all the new Funko products including Vinyl Sugar, Vinyl Idolz, Vinyl Vixens, POP! Vinyls, Hikari, Mopeez, Fabrikations, Mystery Minis, Vinyl figures, ReAction and more.
Judging from the response of the readers, Funko clearly hit it out of the park with the their new Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Arrow and The Flash pop vinyl lines. literally suffered numerous website black outs which spurred from those releases, and I think its safe to say that Funko has taken an exciting new direction with their figures by listening to their fans and making it become a reality for these fan subcultures.
Another thing which has been already noted from late 2014 till now is Funko’s improvement in the sculpts, paint jobs and added accessories further more enhancing the pop collecting experience entirely through the minor details to their most recent releases. There is less of the early traditional clunky designs which had fair resemblances to the characters we love, but its evident that Funko have taken a more detailed approached in their design department.

Lets get right down to the meat and potatoes of Toy Fair 2015, A huge shout out to Emma from the Group for helping us get some snap shots of Funkos new lines at Toy Fair. We are not situated in the United States and we appreciate the help from our members and fellow volunteer writers.


A member from the trading group, Emma got the chance to meet with a Funko rep at Toy Fair and there was a lot of information that we couldn’t release here, so in the meantime our lips are sealed. That being said we are not going to completely keep you out in the wind.
Keep reading because if you are an active member in the Funko trading groups on Facebook or elsewhere you may find this bit of information interesting.

Vaulted POP’s

There was one thing that we were able to cover which may be controversial to pop collectors as there is a growing community of Funko POP trades going on.

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We got word from Funko about “Vaulted POPs”. What does it mean?

Funko are not sure if they are going to retire a piece, or continue to make the pop(s) in question. So, they get “vaulted” and may get a rerun in production. So we are going to see a lot of (retired/discontinued) pops repopulating the marketplace. -Emma

So we will be seeing retired lines of pop vinyls repopulating, which could mean common/rare pieces which traded for $20 – $100 – $300+ getting rereleased into the retail wild for the normal price of $10.

This begs the question of economics with in the trading groups. Our prediction stems primarily from the ‘Flipper’ issue. We believe that flippers are going to become way more aggressive in trying to sell their bulk bought goods at the same sky high prices as before and may drive them out of the Funko flipping game altogether, as this bit of information incurs risks of minimal profit for them.

With that being said we caution everyone who is in currently in dealings with flippers with pops, if you are looking to save money in the long run its probably not a bad idea to wait and see if a rerun of a certain pop will be released back into the market.

The good news for regular Funko traders is that there will be less in store bulk buy outs by flippers and more chances for regular collectors to find Exclusive and common pieces in stores like Hot Topic and etc.


Toy Fair 2015

New Funko Releases links
Doctor Who
Family Guy

Harry Potter
Blizzard Heroes of The Storm
Hell Raiser PinHead
Star Wars Darth Vader
Bravest Warriors
Battlestar Galactica POP Vinyls
Breaking Bad ReAction
Super Bad
The Munsters
The Garbage Pail Kids
Game Of thrones
Vinyl Idolz

Arrow CW and Flash pop vinyl toy fair 2015

CW arrow pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Oliver Green arrow pop vinyl toy fair 2015

The Flash, Death Stroke and Unmasked Oliver queen pop vinyls Arrow funko pop vinyl toy fair 2015

More The Flash and Arrow pop vinyls together.Battlestar gallactica funko pop vinyls toy fair 2015

Battle Star Galactica Big Trouble in little china Town toy fair 2015

Big Trouble in China TownBoondock saints pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Boondock Saints 
Dead pool chimichanga pop ride toy fair 2015

Dead Pools Chimichangas Vans POP RideDead Pool Fabrikations Funko toy fair 2015

Dead Pool FabrikationDoctor Who pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Doctor who POP’s and Pocket POP’s.Domo Ghostbusters pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Domo GhostBusters Mash up pops Evolve funko pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Evolve game popsEvolve goliath pop vinyl toy fair 2015

The Evolve supersized Goliath pop
Fabrikatons funko toy fair 2015

FabrikationsFamily Guy pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Family Guy and Jupiter AscendingFrozen mystery minis

Frozen mystery minis Frozen pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Frozen Series 2 POP vinyls Futurama funko pop vinyls toy fair 2015

FuturamaGame of Thrones 6 dragon pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Game of Thrones Super sized dragonGame of thrones pop vinyls toy fair 2015

Game of Thrones Greedo Groot Darth Vader Fabrikations funko toy fair 2015

FabrikationsGroot and Dead pool funko toy fair 2015

Groot and Dead Pools vinyl figuresGuardians of the galaxy pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy Series 2 pops

HannibalHikari and Vinyl funko toy fair 2015

Star Wars Wampa, C3Po and Marvel Groot and Hulk Hikari figures.
Hikari toy fair 2015

Star Wars hikari toy fair 2015

Starwars  storm Trooper, Wampa, C3po and GPK Adam A Bomb figure and Funkos catalogues.Magic the gathering toy fair 2015

Magic the Gathering and Assassins CreedMarvel mopeez toy fair 2015

Mopeez toysMarvel pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron figuresMarvel X-men toy fair 2015

X-menMinions pop vinyls toy fair 2015

MinionsMopeez plush toy fair 2015

MopeezMopeez spiderman plush toy fair 2015

Penguinns funko pop vinyls toy fair 2015


Star Wars Hikari pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Hikari and Vinyl figures
Super bad 21 jump street pop vinyls toy fair 2015

Super Bad and 21 Jump StreetThe Munsters pop vinyl toy fair 2015

The MunstersTMNT Fabrikations pop vinyls toy fair 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle FabrikationsTomorrowland and Harry Potter funko pop vinyl toy fair 2015


Harry Potter Pop VinylsUniversal Monsters funko pop vinyl toy fair 2015

Nosferatu Vikings pop vinyls toy fair 2015

VikingsVinyl Sugar Vinyl Vixens figure toy fair 2015

Vinyl Vixens
X-files funko pop vinyls toy fair 2015X-files

pope-francis-pop-vinylPop Asia Pope Francis


Vinyl Sugar Dorbz at Toy Fair 2015

Vinyl Sugar Dorbz

Cars at Toy Fair 2015

Disney Cars

What do you think of Funkos new releases and whats is your favourite release to date?
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