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Unmasked Iron Man POP Vinyl Incoming

Last time we bought you some news about the incoming release of the Unmasked Iron Man POP figure but there was a lot of community speculation saying it was a fake or a custom and blah blah!

We have concrete news that the Avengers Age of Ultron Unmasked Iron Man is in fact an upcoming release and will be releasing to the public in late June and it may even end up being a Hot Topic exclusive of some kind.

You heard right hear folks you will be able to get your own unmasked Iron Man POP that shows Tony Starks adorable face in pop form.

Click here to order your Exclusive Unmasked Iron Man now


What do you think of the new Tony Stark POP? Will you be adding him to your collection?
Tell us in the comments

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  • ksv123

    After you share how do you see where to order? Nothing on the page changed for me.