Walking Dead Mystery Minis

Remember the many scenes from Walking Dead where the characters are fighting for their lives while keeping the undead within safe distance? Or the dramatic mad dash of the group that includes Rick and Jenner out of the CDC building before it explodes in Season 1? If you are passionate about this series and you can’t seem to forget the frightful yet iconic moments from the series, then why not invest in the latest Walking Dead Mystery Minis Series 4 Display Case. This blind collection and display case comes with miniature Pop! display figures that will allow the enthusiasts and viewers of the series remember some of the action-packed scenes.

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Walking Dead Minis Mystery Case

Walking Dead Minis Mystery Case


Some of the popular characters from the series that will be showcased in this mystery pack are Rick Grimes, Michonne and Daryl Dixon. Other characters that may get the star treatment in this display box are Maggie and Beth. When you pre-order this set, expect 12 characters from the series to be included in the box. Just remember though that this is a blind box, thus characters may vary in each box.

The characters may vary, but the excitement and promised entertainment cannot be denied. Use the figures to show off to friends, or build a story-line where characters are fighting off the undead. The set is available for pre-orders, and to be released in June, 2016.


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