Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Pop! Vinyl Vehicle

This year will be the year of dawn for the DC comics’ fans out there for it’s the year that the Man of Steal and the Dark Knight of Gotham bring this Dawn of Justice Movie. But there is another hero that will appear in the big screen together with these dudes.

The Movie will also feature one of the strongest woman of all DC characters – Amazon’s Wonder Woman. If Batman has the Batmobile, Wonder Woman also has its cool sort of transportation – her invisible Jet Plane. This invisible jet plane is a great advantage for Wonder Woman’s battles because it is unnoticeable and cannot be detected by radars while traveling in a supersonic speed. The invisible plane represents the feminine strength of the heroine.

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The Figure of the Invisible Jet is not invisible of course. So you can call it “Not so invisible Jet” I guess (just kidding). It is some kind of transparent material to interpret its invisibility. It comes with a cute little figure of the Wonder Woman.

The jet’s figure was taken from its original appearance as shown in the comics published by the DC Comics. It will be a great part of your DC figures collections.

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