World of Warcraft POP’s Available now

Blizzards new World of Warcraft POP Vinyl glam shots have finally emerged from the bowls of Funko.

The brand new WOW POP Vinyls originally appeared in the Funko product catalogue pictured in their concept art form featuring Deathwing, Thrall, Lady Sylvanas and Murloc from the popular Blizzard 2010 game release Cataclysm.

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world of warcraft pop vinyls

Today the glam shots have been confirmed, marking the upcoming releases of the new World of Warcraft pop vinyl game series to be released in September 2014.
One thing to note, Deathwing will be released as a 6 inch POP, and the others will follow as the standard 4 inch sizes.
The new Blizzard game series will be joined with Funkos previous releases featuring Arthas and illidan

Check out the new WOW POP’s below

world of warcraft Deathwing pop vinylDeathWing, known as the destroyer, Aspect of death and the world breaker, from the race of the black dragons of Azeroth Deathwing unleashes nothing but destruction.

World of warcraft Thrall pop vinylThrall is known as a Orc Shaman and leader of the Earthen Ring, he’s known for his magic and his black plate armour and massive warhammer to fend off his enemies.

World of warcraft lady sylvanas pop vinylQueen of the forsaken, and known as the dark Lady or banshee Queen, Sylvanas Wind Runner is the ruler of powerful factions of undead on Azeroth.

world of warcraft murloc pop vinyl

Murlocs are a breed of an amphibious humanoid race, they are known to reside in Lake Shores and riverbeds and are known for their large mouths, rows of sharp teeth and slime coated skin and lurk beneath the surfaces of water.

world of warcraft pop vinyl


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What do you think of the new World of Warcraft Vinyls? Will you be adding them to your collection?

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