Barnes and Noble SDCC Exclusives

Barnes and Noble Funko SDCC Exclusives

As some of you already figured out Barnes and Noble have also jumped onto the SDCC exclusive pop vinyl train.
It is reported that Barnes and Noble will be selling limited edition SDCC pop vinyl pieces from this the 2014 comic con event in San Diego, however strict rules have been enforced by Funko to limit the amount of bulk buying which commonly occurs with collectors and ‘Flippers’ alike.

Why is the limit enforced?
The last few years it has been made apparent that specific exclusive pieces become valuable and sky rocket in value as soon as they have discontinued and or not being sold in retail outlets and the Con events.
Flippers (people who sell pieces of value for a profit) tend to bulk buy Limited Edition Funko POPs and then sell them at a higher price via Facebook groups and Ebay.

Collectors are seeing this to be a common issue and it has been noticed by Funko to take action against these activities, hence the buying limit on the latest SDCC POP Exclusives.

Some of the Funko pop vinyls being sold by Barnes and Noble feature Elsa from Frozen, Game of thrones Ghost, Star Wares Hoth Luke Skywalker and the Wampa, Carl and Dave from the minion collection.

They are also stocking the Black and White Game of Thrones Mystery Minis, Disney Mystery Minis, Marvel Mystery Minis and The Glow in the Dark Game of Thrones white walker action Figure.

Barnes and Noble SDCC exclusives

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