A Bugs Life Funko’s Pop figures Incoming

Remember a Bugs Life, the 1998 animated movie from Pixar? Well, we consider this as one of the best animated productions released by Disney and Pixars since the team decided to show the ants and other insects in a more appealing manner. Now, this was different from the movie, Antz, which was released by DreamWorks Animation. This was a fun movie and presented the life of the humble insects in an appealing manner, with a touch of a fable. Now, we are happy to share the news that Funko has released three Pop! vinyl figures, inspired by this Disney production.

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Princess Atta



The movie featured a number of insects and characters, and we are glad that Funko chose three of our favorite characters. By December 2016, you can now order Flik, Princess Atta and the adorable Heimlich. We love how the Heimlich character has been portrayed and included in this new Funo collection. It’s good that Flik is included in this set since this character really showed the heart and the perseverance that defined ants and other insects. We hope that other characters from the movie can be given their time to shine, this time as members of th Bugs Life, Funko collection.

What’s your take on this new Funko offering?

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