Collect your helpful iZombie Pop vinyl figures, today!

A zombie with an appetite for another person’s brain, and also helps the police solve some crimes?

If you think that this premise and story-line will not get traction on TV, well think again. This is exactly the premise that drives iZombie, a TV series shown on The CW, and based on a comic book series. The series follows the story and the struggles of Olivia Moore, a Seattle medical resident who was turned into a zombie after attending a party. This disease led her to develop and appetite for human brain, and to cope with this new appetite, she worked in a morgue. While working in the morgue, she established friendship with her boss, and soon found out her ability to manifest the personality of the dead, and also experiences flashbacks. She then used these flashbacks to help the Seattle police.

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Olivia Moore with brain


Olivia Moore with glasses

This story and Moore’s character are the basis for the new Funko Pop figures, inspired by iZombie. To stay true to the story-line, the vinyl characters developed by Funko also reflected the nature of the work of Moore, as can be shown in these two Pop vinyl figures- Olivia Moore in lab glasses and Olivia Moore with brains. We think that these new Funko figures are spot-on, and captures the story and struggles of the character.

What do you think of these new iZombie Pop! vinyl figures?


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