Conan the Barbarian Added to the Funko POP Line

Only a few fighters in comics and films have managed to impress, excite and inspire audiences through the years. While there are many fictional fighters and heroes made for movies, these characters and their adventures are only limited to the silver screen. But there is a unique breed of characters, designed as fighters and adventurers that managed to gain a following in comics, TV and movies, and have remained relevant through the years.

A perfect example of this is Conan the Barbarian, a comic character made popular by Robert E. Howard in 1932, and was a mainstay in a series of fantasy stories. The character was even used as the inspiration for the 2011 movie of the same name- Conan the Barbarian. Today, Conan is not just seen in comic books or films- you can even count on a Pop! Conan the Barbarian!

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Bloody Conan


Painted Conan

We have learned that Funko has decided to offer two versions of Conan the Barbarian- one that shows Conan in fighting stance with blood splattered in the body, and the other one showing Conan painted for and ready for war. These are exclusive previews that will definitely excite fans of the classic comic series. Whatever figure you order, you can count on Conan the Barbarian to bring out the fun and excitement.

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  1. Adam Silvia October 2, 2016

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