Disney’s Moana Funko figures Announced

Movies and animations that incorporates and the preservation of the natural environment, including the blue sea waters and oceans have a special place in our heart. There’s just something about the greenery and the bluish waters that help promote warmth, joy and serenity. So just imagine our surprise and excitement when Disney touched on the subject again, with Moana, a movie planned for a November 2016 release. This is set on a mystic island in the South Pacific, and follows the journey and adventures of Moana, in search of secrets. Now, you can also join the journey ahead of the release of the movie, thanks to a new set of Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

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Moana with her pet pig, Pua




Young Moana, with flower


Moana with an oar


Demigod Maui


Young Moana, sitting


Moana with Kakamora

For this new Funko collection, you can literally follow the adventures of Moana, thanks to the addition of fun figures like Moana and her Pua, Maui, a young Moana, a voyager Moana, another Maui figure, Moana with a paddle, another young Moana and Moana with Kakamora. What we like about this new Funko project is the attention to details and the story-line, which are incorporated in the design of figures. This new set of Funko figures help you trace the journey of Moana, from a little princess, to a time that she is ready to take on the journey and Maui.


Moana Keychain


Maui Keychain

Also, this Funko collection also includes fun and highly functional keychains. Some of the best designs included in the collection are Moana key chain and Maui key chain. We also learned that Funko included some adorable Dorbz inspired by the characters of the movie. First up is a stylish Moana Dorbz, with flower, a smiling version of Maui with printed dress, a voyager Moana with head dress and a Moana figure seen riding a boat!


Stylish Moana Dorbz, with flower


Smiling Maui with tattoo


Voyager Moana, with head dress


See her ride the boat, with Heihei

If you think that these are enough, well think again. You can also count on a Rock Candy Moana and Mystery Minis, showing many characters from the planned Moana movie.


Rock Candy Moana


Mystery Minis Moana

So what are you waiting for? Follow the adventures of the young and even adult Moana, and help her discover the island’s secrets. Pre-order your Moana Funko figures, today!


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