Funko Announces Science Fiction Mystery Minis

Great Scott!

Today Funko has announced a new set of mystery minis based on a variety of popular science fiction properties. From Firefly to  Mars Attacks!, the series includes an impressive number of sci-fi favorites. There is a lot to love in this new series and fans of the genre are sure to be pleased with the selection of characters. Check out the full series:

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sci fi Funko mystery mini

A closer look:

Sci fi Funko mystery mini


Some of our favorite characters are even getting variants, such as stealth predator and metallic xenomorph. The series will feature 17 different figures each with varying rarity. Included below is the rarity scale from Funko:

sci fi Funko mystery mini

The Funko mystery mini line has always had quality figures, and as a fan of the genre I cannot wait to get my hands on these. Start checking in with Funko retailers this September to get your very own Scifi Mystery Minis.


So what do you think? Which figures do you want to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments below!

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