Get your Titanfall 2 Funko POPs

As casual video game fans, we were excited when we first learned that a Titanfall 2 game will be released soon in the market. The original Titanfall provided us with a good reason to take a video game, and assume the character of a soldier, and control the mech-style exoskeletons called ‘Titans’ to achieve the objectives of the team, and of course to feel the excitement of war and competition. So just imagine our surprise and excitement when we learned that a sequel is planned for release this October, and boosting the excitement is the news that Funko will also release three versions of a Pop! vinyl figure inspired by the video game.

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Blisk and Legion


Jack and BT


Sarah and Mob-1316

In the video game, players can choose from different Titans. And in this new Funko collection, you also get a chance to choose from among these figures- Blisk and Legion, Sara and Mob-1316 and Jack and BT. All these characters are worthy to be part of the collection, but we have a soft spot for Legion, a ‘Titan’ that can use a variety of ballistic abilities, allowing this Titan to work on defense and control.

All items will be able starting January 2017, so pre-order your figures now, and join the team!

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