Reminisce of Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys Pop!

Yes, you can visit Tiffanys, stay for a few minutes while appreciating its fine selections of jewelry, but you cannot order breakfast, even if you are Audrey Hepburn. But in the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, her character exactly did that, well almost. In some of the famous scenes of the movie, her character, Holly Golightly, was seen bringing her choice breakfast, coffee and Danish, taken out of the paper bag, while she glanced at the exquisite fine things, but really out of reach. The opening scene is cute, stylish and of course, loaded with message as well. It was one of the most important films from the 1960s, and helped define the career of Hepburn.

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Now, if you are a fan or you simply want to reminisce the style of Hepburn that was confidently showcased on the film, then pre-order this new Funko Breakfast at Tiffany’s Pop! figure. With this new vinyl figure from Funko, you can finally appreciate the character that made Hepburn a star, thanks to her black Givenchy gown, and silk gloves. And who can forget about the tiara that Hepburn used in this scene? Well, all these classy details are incorporated in this new Pop! figure from Funko.

We know you love this, so better pre-order this Funko Breakfast at Tiffany’s vinyl figure, today!

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